Prestigious Liverpool Lipo have launched a brand new anti-ageing facial.

The Chic Team are vigorously searching for the best facials on the market. With winter swiftly approaching us, so is our terrible skin. Thank god we have Liverpool Lipo on our door step to save us from our troubles!

Liverpool Lipo is the North West’s answer to Harley Street. The team display a plethora of skills combined with years of extensive experience. The clinic prides itself in providing technologies that only work. Hence it’s latest intervention the Crystal Clear Comcit facial. 

The microchannelling roller penetrating the skin.

The Crystal Clear Comcit Facial is otherwise known as, Cryo Oxygen Microchannelling Collagen Induction Therapy.This extensive facial is a step-by-step process. The Microchannelling needle penetrates the deeper dermis of the skin, along with the Cryo Oxygen therapy, resulting to increased collagen production. This cutting edge anti-ageing treatment is great if you have pigmentation or acne. The results are incredible! Your skin will appear firmer, fine lines are reduced and wrinkles are plumped out!

Founder and Director of Liverpool Lipo Glen Pringle explains about this exciting new treatment: “Liverpool Lipo is constantly searching for ways to deliver the latest technologies for our clients.

We pride ourselves in providing services to the consumer that will actually work! Our brand new Comcit facial is not like any ordinary facial on the market. It is a complete cutting edge anti-ageing system for skin rejuvenation.

We cannot believe how popular this facial has been already. Clients have been amazed at the results and have been booking in courses with us in preparation for the Christmas Period.”

So how does it work?

This step by step facial makes you feel like you have walked away with a brand new face. Firstly, you have to hop into the comfy bed and wrap yourself up in the duvet. This is truly a pamper experience like no other:

  • Deep Cleanse- To ensure your skin is nice and clear, the fully trained therapist starts off with a deep cleanse to remove any dirt or bacteria.
  • Microchannelling roller– This is a painless micro-needle that penetrates the layers of the skin resulting in collagen production. The micro channelling needle works at opening your pores, temporarily breaking down the skin. A tonic is then blasted into the skin, which provides the deeper dermis layers the vital vitamins and minerals it needs to repair and regenerate the collagen production. Please note this is a BLOODLESS environment!
  • Cryo Oxygen– Your skin is then repaired and cooled down with Oxygen therapy. This oxygen therapy is incredibly soothing for the skin. It helps to calm down any redness. The oxygen also helps to plump out the skin.
  • Face Mask- Relax, with a soothing Lavender infused mask which helps to calm down any redness. The therapist leaves this on for 15 mins, try your best not to fall asleep in the cosy bed!
  • Spritz and Moisture– After the mask is finished, you then get a spritz of invigorating tonic. Followed by a relaxing massage with a moisturise.

After the treatment, it is recommended that you drink at least 2L of water a day to increase collagen production and clear the skin up. You can’t wear makeup for 24hrs, this is to ensure that the skin has full replenished itself.

The therapist also stresses the importance of keeping on top of aftercare to enhance results. Liverpool Lipo sells Crystal Clear products to help with this. The Chic Blog swears by these! Why don’t you treat yourself or your friend for Christmas?

10 Minute Glow

This amazing peel off mask leaves your skin looking radiant in just 10 minutes! It uses active ingredients of papaya fruit and lemon extract, to tackle problem areas and deep cleanse the skin, whilst also hydrating and minimising pores. This face mask is PERFECT for the party season, it’s a great pick me up. Use this once a week for dreamy skin.

Skin Repair

If your suffering from a little wear and tear, then this scientifically proven formula is perfect for you! Skin repair has anti-ageing properties; however, it can also be used on young skin. It contains a vast range of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin E, anti-ageing agents and Alistin which provides extraordinary anti-oxidative properties. The silk and oat properties soothe and lift the skin. This is perfect for everyday use, or used as a primer before your makeup.

Wipe Away The Years

Not only does this act as an anti-ageing treatment. It is perfect for deep cleansing and taking off your makeup in the evening. The active complex of peptides works at simultaneously repairing your skin. This helps to reduce wrinkles, improve elasticity, and leaves you feeling beautifully refreshed and revitalised.

Liverpool Lipo is one of the most prestigious clinics situated at the heart of Rodney Street. Liverpool Lipo offers tailor made packages to suit everyone’s needs. This from extensive years of experience carrying out over 15,000 procedures. Liverpool Lipo knows what works for specific goals. If you would like to request a consultation with the BEST non-surgical clinic in the North West, then click the booking link:

Alternatively check out the website for information on various treatments:

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