PR stands for Public Relations – and does exactly what it says on the tin! It’s about managing the relations between your business or organisation and the public, and it’s one of the most fundamental parts of being a business owner. PR is key in building your reputation, creating opportunities and driving sales or profit. However, as important as PR is, it often falls to the bottom of a busy business owner’s long to-do list. PR can be time consuming and requires a certain degree of creativity, but it doesn’t have to take over the everyday running of your business. Here at Chic, we know that all small businesses have to start somewhere, so we’d like to share with you 5 PR tips that will help you on your journey to success…

1.Be social media savvy

In PR, social media is your best friend. The use of platforms like FacebookTwitter, and Instagram is the best way to reach a wider audience and target the right markets for your product or services. Make sure to get your press mentions seen by posting them not only on your company website, but on your social networks too. Tip: If you’re not a big user of these sites, try attending a workshop to help you tweet and post statuses and images that will maximise your business. Maintain your online presence by retweeting other trending posts, commenting on forums and sharing relevant content posted by other people.

2.Network, network, network

People always say that there’s strength in numbers. Building a strong network for your business will help raise your profile, so we recommend creating a LinkedIn profile. Look for contacts who might benefit your business and connect with them – You never know where a new connection might take your business.

3.Step into your audience’s shoes

When posting content, try to bear in mind the type of search terms your target market use to find products and services like yours, and create content that search engines will reward with high rankings and thus greater traffic to your sites.

4.Have confidence

If you think you have newsworthy material, put your best foot forward and approach a journalist or high profile blogger with a press release. Try to make this press release well-written and professional with high resolution images where possible. Journalists and bloggers are always looking for new material, and what better way of gaining exposure than presenting a newsworthy article featuring your business and/or services to them yourself? Everybody wins.

5.Be positive and easily approachable

YOU are your best PR. If you represent yourself well, your company too will have a positive reputation. It’s the simple things, such as making sure to thank a journalist for a positive press write-up and responding to all enquiries, even if they don’t seem relevant or of benefit to your business. Positive impressions lead to glowing testimonials from clients and people that you have worked alongside, which is great PR. People will also be much more likely to contact you if you seem approachable, so make sure you have a clear and easy way for potential clients to get in touch, whether via direct message on Twitter, email, or phone – encourage people to ask!

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